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Supervisor - Jim Tokos
Councilman - Roger Congdon
Councilman - John Zunic
Councilman - Ernest Palmer
Deputy Supervisor - Bob Bullock
Highway Supervisor - Joe Dohnalek

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Comprehensive Plan Meeting
September 10, 2015


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July 09, 2015
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Summer Hours for Town Supervisor!
June 24, 2015

Now that the school year is complete, and I am not the Director of Summer Recreation, you will find me often at the town hall during the day.  My evening hours will be before works sessions and board meetings.  You can call me to set up appointments anytime!  Enjoy the great summer weather, Jim Tokos.

Town of Maine Recreation Committee
February 11, 2015
The Town of Maine Recreation Committee is looking for new members.   This committee plans events such as the Father/Daughter Dance,  The Easter Egg Hunt, Movie Nights, Halloween Parade and Summer Recreation.  Meetings are on the third Monday of the month.   Stop at the Town Hall and pick up and application.