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December 11, 2016
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Maine Fire District Budget Public Hearing Date Change
October 24, 2016


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Proposed 2017 Budget of the Maine Fire District No. 1 of the Town of Maine, State of New York, will be presented to the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Maine Fire District No. 1, for its consideration.


A PUBLIC HEARING and BOARD MEETING of the Board of Fire Commissioners of Maine Fire District No.1 will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Maine Fire Station, 29 McGregor Avenue, Maine, NY 13802, in the Town of Maine, State of New York on the 2nd day of November, 2016. The public hearing will commence at 7:00 pm in conjunction with the regular scheduled Board meeting.


Pursuant to Town Law §105, the Board of Fire Commissioners must hold a public hearing on the budget, make the proposed budget available to the public prior to the public hearing, allow the public to comment on the budget at the public hearing. This public hearing must be held to allow maximum public participation in the hearing.


The purpose of the public hearing is to allow any person to be heard in favor of or against the proposed budget as it is submitted, or for or against any item or items contained in the proposed budget, and hearing all persons interested in the subject concerning same.


That a copy of the proposed budget is available at the Office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Maine, 12 Lewis Street, Maine, NY  13802.


Dated: October 23, 2016


Board of Fire Commissioners

Maine Fire District No. 1

PO Box 357

29 McGregor Avenue

Maine, NY 13802

Town of Maine Halloween Parade
October 24, 2016

When: Friday, October 28th


Time: 6PM


Where: J. Ralph Ingalls School


See attachment for more details

World Championship Little League Banner Unveiled - Click into article for pictures
September 08, 2016

The Town of Maine is proud of our Little League World Champions!



Upcoming events
August 24, 2016
Comprehensive plan public input survey
March 09, 2016

Your opinion matters, please complete a Comprehensive Plan Public Input Survey to assist the Comprehensive Planning Committee in updating the Town of Maine Comprehensive Plan.

The comprehensive plan represents the strategic goals of the town. This is a powerful document and your input is needed to make sure it represents the town's residents and property owners.


You can access the survery via this news article, under the "Email Forms" and "2016 Comprehensive Plan Project" sections of the website.  


Bob Bullock  

Comprehensive Plan Committeee Presentation from 2/11/2016
February 18, 2016

Attached is a PDF file of the presentation that was reviewed at the committee's 2/11/2016 session at Maine Memorial School. It will also be attached to the 2016 Comprehensive Plan section of the town's website.




Bob Bullock

2016 Comprehensive Plan Poster
December 17, 2015

Attached is the poster for our 2016 Comprehensive Plan. It is also viewable at anytime under the "COMPREHENSIVE PLAN PROJECT (2016)" selection off the main menu. 



Bob Bullock

2016 Budget Available Online
November 22, 2015

The Town of Maine 2016 budget is online. From menu path select "Budgets" and then "2016 Town of Maine Budget". It is in PDF format for viewing and or printing.


You can also click on the link in this announcement to access the file. 


Bob Bullock