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Nanticoke Valley Historical Society

Nanticoke Valley Historical Society

P.O. Box 75
Corner of Route 26 & Nanticoke Road
Maine, NY 13802
607-862-9480 (Sandy Rozek - President)
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Nanticoke Creek flows south through a valley that extends from near Whitney Point, NY to the Susquehanna River in the town of Union. Nanticoke creek and valley were named after an American Indian tribe that once lived in the area. The Hamlet of Maine, NY is situated on Route #26 near the midpoint of the Nanticoke Valley. The Nanticoke Valley Historical Society collects and preserves the history of the Nanticoke Valley and its environ. The society meets on the third Tuesday of February-June and September-November at the Nanticoke Valley Historical Museum. See "events" for more details. The Nanticoke Valley Historical Museum is located on Nanticoke Road in Maine, NY. The museum is housed in a victorian house that was originally built about 1869. The historical society purchased the property in 1976. The exterior of the building has been restored to look as it most probably did when it was rebuilt after a fire in 1870. The Historical Society owns other properties in Maine, NY. The Norton Carriage Factory is just north and across Nanticoke Road. The property at the intersection of Nanticoke Road and Rt #26 is the planned location of a one room school house. Pitchers mill is located on Rt #26 north of this intersection. Refer to "buildings" for more information. The museum is open to the public by appointment only. Call the number above for information on the current exhibit or to schedule a tour.


From  "A Short History Of Maine"  By Shirley Woodward, 1973



Area school students visit the museum to learn more about how various tasks were accomplished and how people lived in the past. About one thousand students visit each year.