Board – Town Board

Cara Holland-Hauer, Deputy Supervisor

Ernest W Palmer, Councilmember

Peggy Bowles, Councilmember

Arthur Robinson, Councilmember

Dept – Recreation



Pay Rate: $13 per hour

RESPONSIBLE TO: The Camp Supervisor & Leader


  • Physical abilities to perform the duties of the position
  • Ability to instruct children about topics essential to outdoor camp program, environmental awareness, leadership development, safety, and well being
  • Strong communication and conflict resolution skills 
  • Demonstrated ability to manage time and resources.
  • Training and leadership development 
  • Criminal Record Background Check

DUTIES: to include but not limited to

  • Recording campers in/out daily.
  • Daily sports/art activities development and implementation
  • Oversee Pavilion clean up
  • Ensure campers are complying with all rules and regulations
  • Responsible for planning, leading, and implementing core and non-core programs and experiences for children in a small group setting.
  • They will also be responsible for the general safety and development, growth, and skill achievement of the participants in his/her group.

Dept – Court

Hours of Operation:

Court is now in-person for all matters. Masks are optional and available, but not required.

Appearance Times (Physical and Virtual)

Traffic Arraignments (Violations) are 2nd & 4th Wednesday at 5:00 PM

DA/PD day, Misdemeanor and Felony Arraignments are 4th Monday at 3:00 PM

Virtual court is available. Contact the court at least 24 hours in advance for virtual appearances. Please read completely before entering:

  • We may still allow virtual appearance for many matters if you consent. You will be asked for consent, and if you decline you will need to appear in person.
  • No one else is to be present during the virtual appearance unless they are a party to the action. Children MUST NOT be present.
  • Sign into Microsoft TEAMS no more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing. If you are unable to connect on the day of hearing, please call 607-862-3427
  • Recording or photographing the court appearance or using the CHAT function is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Please participate from a quiet place.
  • You will enter into the “Lobby” when you connect. Please be patient, especially on DA/PD days. It may take a while. You will be brought into the virtual courtroom when your case is called. We can see who is waiting in the Lobby, and we handle cases in the order people arrive. There may be in-person cases who arrived before you or several other people in the Lobby. You will be brought in when it is your turn.
  • Virtual appearance times are the same as in-person times.
or you can scan this QR Code to enter the virtual courtroom

If you do not have a computer

You may call 1-833-262-7886 via telephone. Enter Conference ID 476 827 247 # when prompted.

Paying tickets online

This link is provided for your convenience only. The service provider, nCourt, charges an additional service/convenience fee. You may make payments directly to the court to avoid paying service fees. The court does not receive any service fee money from nCourt. You will need your case number or ticket number, listed on the fine notice, to pay online.